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I'll hit it:

Nonsensical Thoughts for an Unenlightened Time

5 May
I live in Louisiana, I'm 18 and I don't like to do much of anything. Besides be irritable in the mornings.
absinthe, acceptance, ancient civilizations, ancient history, animals, animation, anti-establishment, art, art deco, art nouveau, astronomy, aubrey beardsley, baby jesus, backs, being bitten, belgium, biting, blood, bohemian, bones, books, bottomless pits of despair, boys, breasts, candle wax, candy, cannabis, caring, cheese, children, chocolate, concentrating, cooking, corsets, dancers, design, diseases, drawing, dreaming, dressing up, drifting, drinks, drugs, enon, eros, experiment, fantasy, freethinkers, french, fun, games, gardening, germany, girls, green, hallucinating, hallucinogens, hellsing, helping, hookahs, humor, illustrators, killing, kissing, laughter, licking, literature, living beyond my means, living to die, loners, love, marijuana, masonry, medicinal herbs, medicine, moderation, moonlight, movies, movies about demons, mushrooms, music, my art, mythology, myths, naruto, nc-17, neoclassicism, ninjas, not being original, not depriving oneself, nudity, olives, oneness, opiates, opium, orbs, order/chaos, organs, other countries, other people's art, outrageous behaviour, pain, pain killers, painting, pants, photography, physics, pills, pomegranates, poppy, pot, raising awareness, reading, recipes, relaxation, russia, sandwiches, sensuality, sex, sexuality, showering, silence, snuggling, stem-cell research, swimming, swirls, symbolism, tarot, tea, tents, theatre, toxicology, tripping, twizzlers, unbelief, undead, violent video games, vocabulary, water, weapons, wearing and making masks, wine, words, writing in the dark, you