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f-fuck the police

"All penalties for drug users should be dropped...Making drug abuse a crime is useless and even dangerous...Every year we seize more and more drugs but the quantity available still increases...Police are losing the drug battle worldwide"
Raymond Kendall
Secretary General of Interpol 1994

A lot has happened!
I finally got better, the sickness no longer has me.
Hasn't had me for awhile now. In the meantime, I tested my stomach's strength by downing a lot of vodka.
Then I got laid twice, by two different people that night. I was the only girl in a group of seven guys so yeah, it was inevitable. I guess. We had a jolly good time round a bonfire.
Oh, and Saturday, I did Triple C's for the first time. Heh, I know, lame. But they were free. Man, I tripped hard. And I was drunk on whiskey also. I was crawling around on the floor like a was so much fun. Just walking was fun. I got fuzzy leopard print handcuffs stuck on my wrist. And I wasn't even having sex! I just put one side on, my best friend Matthew the other. We just sat chatting with everyone for awhile and he took his off and I tried my side and it was stuck! I freaked...and then 5 little 14-15 year old girls were buzzing around me each saying "I can do it, let me do it!"...nope.
So finally, Matthew drove me to the park to meet Amber, who got it off I still don't know how.
When we got back to Holiday Inn, I had to pee...I got lost in the bathroom. Ended up in the tub, leeching myself to the yellow tile wall.
Every once in awhile Matthew would come in to see if I was okay or Madison would knock on the door and say "Hey, you trippin'?" To which I would abruptly reply "Yes!"
Ah, yes. Good fun.
But no more.
I went to court last week on a drug para. charge (a 4 inch glass pipe) and I am now on probation for 12 months in which I will be randomly drug-tested by my probation officer. I have to do 32 hours of community service at Goodwill. I have to pay $289.50. I have to pay $15 for my first drug-screen. $50 for a four hour drug abuse class. Not to mention the $30 I have to pay my prob. off. each time I see him for the next year.
Geez, you'd think they want you to stay away from marijuana or something.
And that judge! That judge just pissed me the hell off. He said "This 30 day jail sentence hanging over your head should keep you away from your DRUG PROBLEM"
Just because I had a pipe he figures I have a drug problem.
Bitches. Marijuana. That's the only drug I do, 98% of the time =)
And how's it a problem? I'm waiting for the answer.
Ugh, I just get so pissed off when I think about all the money the government gets from people like me and you and whoever...and then what they do with it...sponsor black projects? I don't know. It's downright re-fucking-dick-less.
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