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It's a chore to live.

I need a damn job. I don't exactly know where to start looking... I hate this place. I hate the people, the smell. Working at a restaurant will probably make me stop eating altogether. If I could find a nice quiet office job, perhaps. A new pain clinic is opening, I could work there. I'd have to stop getting high all the time. I'd be drug-tested, of course. Pain killers! That wouldn't be enough though if I want to move out... which I do. I have to. Two jobs, and maybe the community college...ugh, dorms. But I might be able to get a house if things....go well, I guess.
I don't even have an idea of what I ought to be doing with myself, what classes I want to take. I do want to leave the country though, within a few years. I know that much. And my lover wants to be an herbalist, so to speak. Hmm... I should try perhaps for *racks brain* *goes outside for a cigarette*
My mom wants me out of the house. "Three adults are too many." Especially with our opposing views on...well, life and spirituality. Not that I've even presented my views to them. They keep things narrow, around here. Not much room for things that the church doesn't approve of. Oh well. Three adults are too many, one's a weird artist, the other die-hard Jesus worshippers. It doesn't seem to occur to them that I too, know the Bible. That I might have a better understanding of things than they do.
Anyhow, I've had a nice day so far. I met Aaron for coffee and we talked about jobs and moving in together and boring stuff and not illegal stuff because IHOP has cameras with audio recorders.
I got high, read some sci-fi and vampire erotica. Yeh.
Tattooed myself with a brown Prismacolor marker. Wishing I knew where my digital camera went. I have no idea. My dad might've stolen it, that sucks. I have pictures of my pipe on there.
I'm bored, reading Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets...I finished the first one yesterday. No, I never did read them. Aaron got the fifth book in The Gunslinger series...which I'm somewhat anxious to read.
I'm going to shower, again.
<3 m. anne
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